Sunday, February 28, 2010

A tough shell with a weak core..

I may act tough..but deep inside this still delicate and fragile..
I might be able keep standing straight after being insulted or cursed..
but I really couldn't stand having a sore in the tie of friendship..
I really hoped that one day..we can be friend again..

p/s: hehehe..finally something really 'deep' has come out to be logged into this blog :P

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quote of the day

Life is not fair
so, deal with it..

this world is not a best place to feel fair,
if you want it so badly,
do your best,
and wait till the afterlife comes,
that's where the best fairness available..


Today's greatest achievement.. :)


Just want to say..I am so is the first day of the second term that, I did not fell asleep during the lecture period..alhamdulillah

today's schedule is very packed yet I still managed to keep awake till the very last second..haha

Is this the effect of my tai chi training??.. :P
only Allah knows better..but I'm still glad that I did improved..haha

Friday, February 26, 2010

What is happening to me?..

if a week of my life is a novel..maybe this is the part where there are many conflicts occurred..a plot near climax..hmmm

yesterday..right after the no..even before the start of the Thursday class..i felt somewhat at ease and finally end up with no mood to pick a book at all..

ya Allah..what is happening to is the second day without books..i filled up all my afternoon with nap..

so i made a conclusion of today's events..whenever I'm at ease, I'll be damned for sure..

i must say i'm really sad of myself..

p/s: If Saiyeddna Muhammad (peace be upon him) met me like this, I'm sure he'll cries out for a healthy guy like me finishing his weekend sleeping all day..

Quote of the day

If you said the limit is the cloud, then that's your limit
If you said the limit is the sky, then that's your limit
If you said the limit is the star, then that's your limit
whoever you are, your limit is bounded by you..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm blogging!


first of all..I'm not quite sure what am I feeling..a feeling of finally having a blog of my own..

okay..just pray that this blog will never keep me away from my studies because I have a long way to go; not just for a place in this world..but also a place in the afterlife.. :)