Friday, April 30, 2010

Quote of the day

time waits for no man,
chase it..
or one day you might regret your past for letting it go

p/s: I know this sounds familiar, tapi nak cakap jugak! ...demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu kerugian~

dah Seminggu...

hahaha..(what's so funny?..)'s already been a week since the last test..(the sheet exam)..still got nothing to post though
entah la..idea takde lagi buat masa the way, I still have some problem..which is..sticking to the schedule..hmm..jadual dah OK dah, cuma susah pulak nak ikut..

pape pun benda ni takleh diteruskan minggu depan..kena berubah~!..
kalau tak susah nanti..nak jawap ape dengan mak abah..tu baru mak abah..
kelak, Allah tanya pulak..

" What did you do with your leisure time that I'd gave you?."..

ya Allah..lagi seram..berapa sangat la waktu which I remembered Him, not even sedetik kot..

well, that aside...minggu depan mesti berubah!..insyaAllah..


ke arah yg lebih baik... ;)

p/s: yesterday a saw something very nice, insyaAllah I'll have a new label soon..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

how to change Glycerol to Alanine?..

hehehe...I just got a question from a friend of I decided to post it.. answer this problem..
1st, change the glycerol into both of the ways..

1st way:
is by Glucose-alanine cycle
( your text book...)

Pyruvic acid + Glutamic acid <---------------> Alanine + alpha-Ketoglutarate

2nd way:
(...refer serine metabolism...)

3-phosphoglyceric acid-------------->Serine---------->Pyruvate------(seperti di atas)---->Alanine

ok..I think that's 2 ways of converting glycerol to alanine..if you have more method to add..feel free to share :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


2 days already since the end of practical exam and I'm still unable (well..purposely un-enabling myself) to do anything..

is this the counter effect of studying late at night or am I really just plain lazy to begin with?..

ok..that's it...arini more slacking off, lusa kan ade sheet biochem and physio..ingat senang ke..
gotta to pick up my missing pieces...

let's start sheet-ting! (this word feels a little awkward..seriously..)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quote of the day

Start tomorrow today,
because you'll never know if you're gonna make it out untill tomorrow

p/s: orang yang paling pandai ialah orang yang selalu mengingati mati


so far so good...even with a few mistakes..I'm still glad that it went out okay.. :D

but I still don't have anything in mind..
so ini je kot hari ni..
bittaufiq wanajjah ntuk comrades yang masih berjuang..moga terus teguh semangat.. :)
ok..until next time~

Quote of the day

to be the best is not by leaving the rest,
but leading the rest along with you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's finally stop, Biochemistry....'s almost over..but hey, this is only the end of a beginning..
so stop being so comfortable..

it's been a while since my last post..and tomorrow's exam will be started a bit later, so I guess there's a lot time to kill in here..hehe

alhamdulillah..Allah helped a lot in a whole bunch of ways..and I don't regret to say that I'm's Him who are always being there to support me..seriously I didn't expect this to run smoothly..and without Him saying "Yes, Be it"...I'm sure that I'll be damned till the end of the exam..

so I guess..there is no need to be need to feel you are above the others...

this is just a remembrance for myself..

that's all for now,
I hope for the essay exams next month, I'll put my study schedule to good use insyaAllah... :)

p/s: I'm really afraid that I might somehow change my 'Nawaitu' during this exam...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dub Dab Dub Dab-ing~..

this is it..the final night before I enter the 2nd wave of this war..the practical exam..and tomorrow

some of my dearest doctors said in this year, the practical is easier than the 1st year..well, everything is easy when you are well prepared for it..

ya's hard especially I'm really weak at math..seriously..
I don't know what's gonna happen with these equation thingies.. 
so guy, please send me a lot of lucks~..haha just kidding..I need your prayers so that I can somehow manage to get through this..

Quote of the day

live to give, don't live to beg,
live to be honest, don't live to deceit,
live with dignity, even in poverty......

p/s: Allah memandang bukan pada harta, pangkat, atau keturunan, tetapi pada amalan..amalan pulak kena ikhlas, kalau tak sia-sia & cuma mendatangkan penat lelah :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post Midterm is Over..'s over alright..and guess what..I just found out my killer subjects..
memang rasa macam ape tah bila takpat jawap tu..macam tak belajar pape langsung..actually I'm still a bit depressed with today's paper

however..someone managed to cheer me up..hahaha..a good friend of mine that knows best the condition that I'm in..and not to forget my's Skype-ing felt really good..hahhaa
then arguing with my little brother..(little no more, he is currently in form 4)

I'm not in a mood to write a long talk..I end this with a conclusion..
I need to struggle for those 2; which is biochemistry and histology..cause they are my killer subjects!

Monday, April 12, 2010


2 more to I'm really not into mind is all set for the final, I may have answered the 2 previous papers half heart-ed..

aish..I don't many things to worry at the same time...

I'll try my best to keep smiling :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Post Mid Mood..

1st paper of the post midterm already comment bout it though..I've tried my best..that's all..

my fever has started to wear's a good sign that my antibodies are working fine.. (keep it up guys.. :) )

coming up next is anatomy..I'm really not ready to face it..huuU~
wish me luck..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amino acids..

Sebagai bantuan..doa ler demam ni cpat kebah ye.. :P

Demam periksa & demam betul...

arini dah ari ke 3 demam..demam yg mnyebabkan mood sampai takde untuk post dlm B.I mcm biasa..hahaha..

masih tak tau lagi punca demam ni..maybe sebab makan ais krim kat Berlant kt Gala'..pape pun thanks kepada si pembelanja..ais krim 2 l.e tu memang cukup bermakna..sampai demam-demam.. :P

Sabtu ni dah exam pulak..buat masa ni demam betul ni yg predominant..(predominant?..)..ok-ok..pape pun doa-doa la cepat sembuh..skang ni nak buat MCQ pun sparuh ati je..sedeh betul..buat sikit je..lepas tu pikir macam-macam..padahal takde kaitan pun..

so, itula minda seorang yang demam.. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

a warm welcome from Mr. Summer... :)

after a while living with heavy over-clothes and sleeping underneath miss Saratoga (me lovely winter blanket..haha..), finally I can wish goodbye to both of them..

looking at the park I can see some of the flowers beginning to bend and wither, poor guy..but we'll meet again next spring..insyaAllah

there will be no rain in about 3-4 months onward, and Fata Morgana is commonly see..with temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius, most prefer to stay under shade till dawn..  

um..but, a warm welcome also means a serious business to me & rakan2 yang lain..because it's a sign that it is almost the time for the final exam!!..ya Allah, cepat jer masa blajar ni...

meaning..bukan je berpeluh sbab panasnya summer ni, but also from the anxiety; a.k.a exam fever..hmm..setiap celah buku dah diselak, setiap helaian dah diteliti..

 best kan kalo camni?..(.... nak ngarut-ngarut tunggu lpas exam ler...)

so, the conclusion here is, do wish me luck, and best of luck to all you people out there :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


a little girl with Bell's palsy (kesian budak cute ni..)

  • paralysis of a body part, commonly accompanied by loss of sensation and uncontrolled body movement.

Est-ce la Fin?..

I felt so miserable after found out that my name is not on the list for the JPA's scholarship..

and what really saddens me that it made my mom lost of words..that 2-3 seconds of gap fills me with a whole bunch of guiltiness..I feel like I'm a burden..

now I know what I must do..I'll have to work harder so I can finally strip away this feeling...