Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quote of the day

It's true..
life is not always pretty,
....why don't you try to decorate it?

untuk yang berputus asa, Allah-lah tempatnya,
untuk yang sunyi, sahabat yang baik penemannya,
untuk yang sedih, kisah dari Quran-lah penenang hatinya

p/s: thanks to your french status zaza :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

farewell me ol' cycle..

I'm turning to a new leaf, so that I can prepare myself fully with the upcoming exam..this is the 2nd night where my sleeping time is greatly reduced..from 6 hrs to 3 hrs..(talk about how big my eye-bag will be..hahaha)

I'm still gonna cling on to a cup of caffeine for another few nights before my body finally can coop up with these sudden change..

and that's it..say hello to my new circadian cycle~

p/s: melatonin ceased to be secreted at 2.00am, now now..what are the other reasons that keep us from tahajud-ing?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Migrain oh migrain II..

after living a peaceful life without it..(about a month..) finally it returns..

It happens at the mid of the evening histology class, and I don't really what caused it..but it really distracted my attention to the class..actually dulu dah biasa dah kena migrain ni..tapi maybe because of it's month-long dormant period, today's attack really hurts my head..

it almost caused me to lose my mood..well, if the mood is gone, so will I..(ponteng ler..hahahaha..), but alhamdulillah, I managed to not to skip the next class..

so now, my head is all normal and well, gotta prepare dinner :)

p/s: syukur ye bagi yang masih sihat-sihat tu :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Flashback!...

It's been a while since my last post..(it's only about 2 days, you blog-freak~)..haha..anyway..after I just awakened from my mid noon nap..suddenly I remembered the exact same moment when I just arrived in Egypt.

Since matriculation..I was certain that I'm not a home-loving type (homesick la tu..hehe) but I really don't know why I keep dreaming home..especially during a mid noon nap..

in that dream, I was so excited to get back home..meeting my family and some old friends..and that short dream always made me woke up in a sigh..hahahaha

Well, that's last more dreams like that one nowadays..maybe because I'm already to get used to Egypt :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


  • Greek word, means hardening
  • examples:
  1. artherosclerosis
  2. arteriosclerosis


  • serious loss of cognitive ability
  • due to unique global brain injury, or progressive damage or diseases
  • the effected areas maybe:
  1. memory
  2. attention
  3. language
  4. problem solving

N73 ku sayang..

during today's midday break..I decided to make a call..but something feels off from the usual..every time I hit some particular keys on the keypad, the memory card seems as if it was jacked off from it's slot..I get so fed up when my phone suddenly changed theme again and again..

so I threw it away..(just kidding..saje nak buat cita ni lagi menarik..hahaha)
then, I decided to take a look, berpandukan cahaya matahari yang bersinar lebih dari biasa hari ni..when I see a slight reflection from the slot, I was like "oh..for God sake, am I that clumsy?.."

the slot is already rusted..sedeh, and then terus flashback balik..and after a while..I remembered the time when my phone took a dip into the salt water..hahaha (trip Matruh last summer)..

Aha!..that's why it became like this!'s not my fault entirely..hahaha..lumut kat Hamam Cleopatra tu yang salah!

ni la hamam yg meragut keupayaan memory slot ku...huhu

ni lah dia cik Cleo kita yang memilih tandas di Matruh..hehe

p/s: jangan tiru macam saya..menyalahkan benda laen pulak..sepatutnya salahkan diri sendiri :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Quote of the day

be thankful if you lost something,
it means you have something worthy of possession.

some of us never even had the chance of possessing,
they continue to wander in wonder

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Think.. :)

Log book frenzy !..

I am so not comfortable..still got many things to do before I can start focusing on the text books..such an annoyance..huu~

ade banyak lagi soklan dalam buku praktikal yg incomplete lagi, so many works and so little time..
but I have to be calm and cool..(kalo tak nanti tak macho la..hahaaha)

Whatever the situations are,
no problem insyaAllah..I'll just have to face them all head on!
better suffer now than regret later..(eh, another quote la.. :P )

and now the pencils all sharp..let's move on..


  • latin word for growth or formation of a particular type
  • examples:
  1. hyperplasia
  2. achondroplasia
  3. dysplasia

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are we there yet?...

I thought it is almost summer; just as same as the last year..but the weather is getting chiller day by is hardly to see it as a spring; I'd say winter-like spring :)

His blessing 2-3 days ago really did bring the temperature down to the ground..and it is really depressing for not be able to come out of bed, keeping self warm underneath the blanket (actually it feels kinda nice..hahaha)

I hope Mr. Sunshine will come greet us again soon..(mintak-mintak la, sejuk ni weh..), and kisses goodbye to my dear Saratoga (the blanket that was always loyal to me..never wanted to let me go, or is it the opposite??..haha)

Friday, March 19, 2010


  • pathos - Greek word for suffering
  • could also means diseases or progressive damage
  • examples: 
  1. cardiomyopathy
  2. osteochondropathy
  3. dorsopathy
  4. leukoencephalopathy

Tonite tonite...

tonight is gonna be one of my biggest night, as I, finally can declare myself as a senior..( never feel like one before this..haha..)

this is my 3rd time I think; talking in the spectators are the juniors..I'm so nervous and worried (..wondering if I'm gonna be able to continue keeping myself low or not)..

hopefully tonight is gonna be a great night..insyaAllah :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


  • a common chronic neurological disorder
  • characterized by unprovoked seizures; due to irregular, excessive synchronous neuronal activity

Quote of the day

a good future isn't yours,
if you do not plan for tomorrow,
if you do not cherish the present,
if you do not progress from yesterday

Migrain oh migrain..

rasanye ni 1st time kot post dalam bahasa..haha..tapi riso pulak kalo type banyak sangat..(as you can see, my english vocabulary is very very limited..)

So, seperti yang dinyatakan di atas..migrain sudah pun kembali..even dia belum menjengah ke cerebral hemisphere ku..tapi dah ade la beberape tande-tande yang dia cakap "aku nak mai dah ni"..

Actually da lame jugak tak kena migrain ni..ade la dalam 3 minggu..unknown cause..yang pasti Allah dah bagi nikmat sihat..syukur..banyak kerja yang dapat di-settle-kan (perosak bahasa sungguh jejaka ini..)

Uik..(ilham sampai)..Tiba-tiba dapat idea nak bela kucing jugak..mana la tau makhluk Allah itu boleh meredakan migraine ni..haha..tengok En. Fahmi sekeluarga macam bahagia je di samping 2 anak kucing yang baru dibeli tak sampai seminggu; Bella dan Poci..

Papepun takmo la bela kucing..susah pulak andai balik Malaysia, bengkok jugak la kalo nak usung kucing back and forth (haha..seronok kan berbahasa campur..semakin sengal blog ini..)

hmm..tu je kot for now..nite~ :) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 Rabi' ul-Akhir..

I was born on this day...
and today I'm officially 21 years old..
alhamdulillah :)

the Don't....

I may look calm (perasan..), but I'm a normal human too..I have a rough part; some particular attitude, even slightly would cause me to lose my cool..maybe because I was once a short-tempered person..

I really hoped whoever reads the don't..will not do the don't..
and these are the don't:

  • This is the only point that I felt really really not worth to be considered; WAITING. 5 minutes of waiting is enough to make me feel pissed. Don't be mad at me if something happened between you and my alter-ego...haha
  • In any place and space of this 3 dimensional world, never ask, "we just arrived, so what to do next?". I'm not an outgoing type, if you want to go out with me, plan the whole event. If not, I'll just take my leave.
  • Never call me by weird names, even if that name is a compliment. And if I did responded to those name, keep in mind: I respond so that I can curse you more..haha
  • Leave me alone when I said "Enough..", that's the final warning before you cast your own jinx.
  • Never force me to make a quick decision. decision needs a piece of mind, not a piece of word just to satisfy you.

    that's all for now..I think..I'll add some more later on :)

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Fear and anxiety..

    the final exam schedule has just been distributed all over Mansoura..and somehow it fills my body trembles with delirium..from that day, I keep trying to stay awake as many hours as possible..not to mention the amount of caffeine I took (alhamdulillah it's been a while since the last migraine's attack)..

    that's one of the reason I decided to stop attending lecture..I am so not ready (..if my mom founds out about this, I'm gonna be a roast duck for sure..hahaha..)

    so..I think this blog is gonna be alone for a while..sorry dear viewer.. :p
    insyaAllah till the promised day (promised day..??...)..I'm gonna work extra more time to waste, no more games to play, and no more space to feel comfort..

    ~wish me luck... :)

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Quote of the day

    critics are your stepping stones,
    not your quicksand pit.

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    two happy faces.. days of dullness end in an instant..

    this is all thanks to them..I'm really glad that both of them love the present..I never thought their response would be so positive..and with them happy, I am happy too :) ..

    and now,
    I feel just like having a new soul in the same body..somehow this joy overrides my makes me feel rejuvenate..I see a clearer path in front of more haze and dust..

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Holy crap!....

    guess what..
    this month bills almost exceed 450 l.e!!
    and most of the sum is thank to the electric usage..
    how can 4 laptop can produce that much of watt??..
    ya Allah...are we being deceived?..

    may Allah bless them..and may they atone for what they did..
    hopefully this will be the first and the last time..

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    I'm a spoiled brat..

    last week..I said to myself..
    "minggu ni takpe kot rehat-rehat"

    but, this 'rehat-rehat' thingy demanded more than just a week; another week..
    and now, I'm a spoiled brat..

    got to plan something before this week share the same fate as the last one... 

    Quote of the day

    A world with no faith is a world without hope

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    Yesterday was a wonderful day :)

    you know what..after leaving it for more than 2 years..I finally had the chance to play it again for one more time..and I really cherish yesterday's moments..

    I'm not very good at playing sports that focused on the legs and feet control..but alhamdulillah I have plenty more sports that I'm good at (poyo jer..) which is more focused on hand-to-hand control.. :)

    I really hoped that there is gonna be another time where I can have more volleyball enjoyment :)

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Is it always has to be like this??..

    hahaha..sometimes I just feel fed up; every Thursday, after the last lecture finished at 4.00pm..I felt really worn out..even today is also the same..

    Am I that weak?..

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    they are so complicated..

    Arabs..hahaha..I can never understand them..
    yesterday, my landlord suddenly decided to cut off the a result, I was forced (not really :P) to use my old buddy; eBuddy..

    The cause for the cut is still unknown..whatever..on the same night, I turned back to wi-fi..and in the meantime it is st ill working..

    FYI..this is the fourth time..hahaha
    from cable to wi-fi, then cable again and now, wi-fi again..
    this is a life.. :P

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Just want to share..

    it's been a month since the 1st time I heard this song..and it still echoes in my ears :D

    Quote of the day

    Intelligent men never had enough in anything he did,
    average men had enough after some deeds
    Dummies had enough doing nothing

    P/S: pesan imam Syafie, takbir 4 kali kat orang tersebut... :)

    an egypt-o-english scene...

    hehe..I heard this during the evening lecture..
    and it's so funny even now..and it is so simple..

    there is a guy who just came from Egypt to enjoy some time in England..then
    He went to a you can see, halal food is scarce..
    so he decided to dine in seafood..
    and by the time a waiter came to take the orders..he asked

    "what do you want to eat?"
    "I want to eat CRAP.." (he meant crab)

    P/S: I changed the story a bit from the actual event..but using the same words..haha