Saturday, April 3, 2010

a warm welcome from Mr. Summer... :)

after a while living with heavy over-clothes and sleeping underneath miss Saratoga (me lovely winter blanket..haha..), finally I can wish goodbye to both of them..

looking at the park I can see some of the flowers beginning to bend and wither, poor guy..but we'll meet again next spring..insyaAllah

there will be no rain in about 3-4 months onward, and Fata Morgana is commonly see..with temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius, most prefer to stay under shade till dawn..  

um..but, a warm welcome also means a serious business to me & rakan2 yang lain..because it's a sign that it is almost the time for the final exam!!..ya Allah, cepat jer masa blajar ni...

meaning..bukan je berpeluh sbab panasnya summer ni, but also from the anxiety; a.k.a exam fever..hmm..setiap celah buku dah diselak, setiap helaian dah diteliti..

 best kan kalo camni?..(.... nak ngarut-ngarut tunggu lpas exam ler...)

so, the conclusion here is, do wish me luck, and best of luck to all you people out there :)