Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's finally over..next stop, Biochemistry....

well...it's almost over..but hey, this is only the end of a beginning..
so stop being so comfortable..

it's been a while since my last post..and tomorrow's exam will be started a bit later, so I guess there's a lot time to kill in here..hehe

alhamdulillah..Allah helped a lot in a whole bunch of ways..and I don't regret to say that I'm worthless..it's Him who are always being there to support me..seriously I didn't expect this to run smoothly..and without Him saying "Yes, Be it"...I'm sure that I'll be damned till the end of the exam..

so I guess..there is no need to be arrogant..no need to feel you are above the others...

this is just a remembrance for myself..

that's all for now,
I hope for the essay exams next month, I'll put my study schedule to good use insyaAllah... :)

p/s: I'm really afraid that I might somehow change my 'Nawaitu' during this exam...