Sunday, May 2, 2010

a bit terkilan~

want to know why?
I really really hoped the lava ashes from the eruption in Iceland to reach here..hehehe
and was so eager to get some sample on that predicted day; Wednesday, 28 April 2010..(actually I don't really know how to obtain those sample..haha)..

siap dah search kat Google dah pasal lava ashes ni..ya Allah, lawa giler serpihan tu kalo tengok from tulah punca utama curiosity ni..lagipun, it's been a while since I saw something that worthy of my interest..hahaha

here's a picture of the lava ash dari tempat kejadian
cantik kn?..sizing about 30 micron
bole tengok pakai light microscope~!

and F.Y.I, here is some contents of lava ashes that we're all afraid of:
  • water vapor
  • carbon dioxide, CO2
  • sulfur dioxide, SO2
  • hydrochloric acid, HCl
  • hydrogen fluoride, HF
  • hydrogen sulfide, H2F
  • carbon monoxide, CO
  • hydrogen, H2
  • methane, CH4
  • SiF4
  • CaF2

*high concentration of these gases lead to acid rain
*high concentration of CaF2 can burn vegetation and other materials in contact
*fluoride and chloride can contaminate water, can be irritating, can be damaging to clothes and machinery

harmful concentration of these gases never exceed further than 10km from the volcano..alhamdulillah...

okay, enough mumbling..back to books :)

p/s: maybe I should take geology too~ :P