Saturday, May 22, 2010

volley volley ping pong tennis..

hehehe..main bedal je tajuk kali ni...I think (and therefore I am.. :P) that among others, only those 3 are best suited to my ability..

In coherent to the midst of the exam fever, I just want to promote all to rev up our body~

the closer to the exam the more needs to exercise; the exam for 2nd year Conventional program starts 12 June yang kat Malaysia tu, happy holiday & if ade yang ambik short semester, have fun okay..

well, back to the topic of exam and exercise (ececeh..macam nak buat talk je)..
as we all know...we are fully dependent to our brain, especially during this period of time..

thinking, expressing ideas, solving problem etc etc...
all these processes and need energy, and the resulting are waste product a.k.a metabolites..
that's why after facing books (not facebook okay...) for several hours, we feel tepu..

so that's why we need exercise.
the advantage behind exercise are

  • replenish oxygen supply to our brain..fresh lagi tu~!
  • strengthen the heart, the stronger the heart, the more the blood that can reach to the brain
  • washes away metabolites, or even microbes
  • reestablishes your moods
  • improve your brain responses & coordination 
  • the easier way to lose weight without the needs to refrain self  from eating 

    well..simple as it is...
    jom exercise :)

    p/s: main betul-betul, study pun betul-betul