Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the Don't....

I may look calm (perasan..), but I'm a normal human too..I have a rough part; some particular attitude, even slightly would cause me to lose my cool..maybe because I was once a short-tempered person..

I really hoped whoever reads the don't..will not do the don't..
and these are the don't:

  • This is the only point that I felt really really not worth to be considered; WAITING. 5 minutes of waiting is enough to make me feel pissed. Don't be mad at me if something happened between you and my alter-ego...haha
  • In any place and space of this 3 dimensional world, never ask, "we just arrived, so what to do next?". I'm not an outgoing type, if you want to go out with me, plan the whole event. If not, I'll just take my leave.
  • Never call me by weird names, even if that name is a compliment. And if I did responded to those name, keep in mind: I respond so that I can curse you more..haha
  • Leave me alone when I said "Enough..", that's the final warning before you cast your own jinx.
  • Never force me to make a quick decision. decision needs a piece of mind, not a piece of word just to satisfy you.

    that's all for now..I think..I'll add some more later on :)